The ‘Westerns’ Series

There are currently FOUR books in the ‘WESTERNS’ series, available now from AMAZON books…


Young deputy ‘Stoop’ Fitzpatrick rides the vengeance trail and goes up against crazed gunman ‘Cross Gun Cairns’… but is the young lawman beginning to enjoy the thrill of gunplay a little too much? LINK TO BOOKSTORES:


Outlaw Matty McCray is given a second chance assisting a ruthless sheriff… and soon ends up in greater peril than ever! But if he is to return to ‘respectable’ society, and marry the fair Lorena, there are baptisms of fire and deadly danger to go through first… LINK TO BOOKSTORES:


Mountain man Kurt Danvers kills a man and finds himself being hunted down by the Army, assisted by an enigmatic Blackfoot Indian tracker. In the depths of winter, amidst the snow and freezing temperatures, as his strength and courage fade, he takes inspiration from the lone wolf he sees skirting the edge of his camp… LINK TO BOOKSTORES:


A group of cow-pokes exchange stories, both true and tall. Skulduggery and murder on a cattle drive, robbery at the hands of outlaws, an encounter with Wild Bill Hickock and an Indian who makes a living catching rattlesnakes are among the gems shared by men of the Open Range… LINK TO BOOKSTORES:


Get ready for some rip-roaring adventures into the Old West, now brought to life in Ed Garron’s quirky, twist-in-the-tale chapter stories… the first three books have SIX NOVELLAS each, while the last is in the form of ‘Yarns’ and stories told by a group of ranch-hands marooned in a log cabin during a storm.

AND REMEMBER: the Old Frontier was no place for the faint-hearted. Come one, come all, come armed, come ready…

These are good old-fashioned stories in the tradition of Louis L’Amour and Max Brand, but be prepared for a few shocks and surprises… anything can happen in an ED GARRON story – and usually does!