WELCOME to the Ed Garron website! There are currently FOUR books in the WESTERNS series, with the next one due in July… Meanwhile, the first in the RUNAWAY series for young readers, aged 8 and upwards, is out on 10th April 2018. The back cover blurb is below!



THE RUNAWAY PONY RIDERS (young readers, age 8 and above, but enjoyed by adults too!)

Rescued and adopted by Wappato Indians in the Cascade Mountains far north-west of America, Lilliana is a girl like no other! Though accepted by the members of the tribe, she is never happier than spending time among the ponies tethered on the edge of her village. She rides far out into the mountains, encountering many wondrous sights and, often, danger. When warfare breaks out between Native Americans and white folk, through a twist of fate she meets Becky, an officer’s daughter. Together they hatch a daring plan to try to keep the peace between their peoples. This involves a perilous journey on horseback through the frozen hills to the fabled ‘Valley of the Ghosts’. Needless to say, no adult would allow or understand this undertaking; but that would never stop the likes of Lilliana and Becky. Out into the snow-covered land they ride, where riding and survival skills are tested to the very limit…






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